Iron Sky Photography

People go to the cinemas to watch the movie and they see two hours of concentrated moments of the movie, but they don't know how much hard work has been done for this two hours. I got unique opportunity to bring up all the hard work by documenting the entire movie production from beginning to the end. I will update my blog always, when something important happens in the making of this movie. Welcome to behind the scenes, making of Iron Sky The Coming Race.

Behind this blog is Finnish photographer and a great friend of sci-fi, who was given a great opportunity to document this upcoming movie Iron Sky sequel, Called Iron Sky, The Coming Race. I am a full-time professional photographer and I own a small studio in central Finland Laukaa. I take pics from little childrens to big war machines, and almost everything in between them. This documentary project is going to be a really interesting one. My purpose is to document this movie when something interesting / bigger happens in film, or something that Iron Sky wants to be photographed. The project will take about two years, and the movie will be scheduled to come cinemas in 2016.

About the Author

Tomi Tomi Tuuliranta